Allosteric modulation (regulation) video. Clinical research shows that CBD is an allosteric modulator.




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What is CBD?

CBD is a plant-compound present in the cannabis plant and posesses many amazing healing properties, including being anti-anxiety, anti-inflammatory and protecive of the nervous system. 


Is it legal?

Yes. It is sold as a food supplement in the UK, Europe, the USA and across the world. 


Can it make you "high"?

No, as it has had the psycho-active compound, THC taken out. This is part that makes you "high". 


Is it safe?

Yes. For more detail, look at the clinical trials and papers mentioned in the more detailed section below.


Why should I take CBD / what is it good for?

There is good evidence that CBD works, including for pain relief as well as supporting people who are anxious and who do not sleep well, to name but a few.  


How much can I take?

Starting with small amounts is a good idea, something like a 20mg/dose with the CBD oil drops, 2x day and building up the dose.


Are there side effects?

Usually there are no side effects, although everyone is different and if you are not sure, check with your GP to see if it is OK to take CBD products.

CBD should be taken with care, if you have had, or are having suicidal thoughts.


What is the correct dose?

The dose is individual to the consumer and can be increased until there is an improvement, usually experienced within a few hours or a fews days at the maximum. If there is no change then the CBD should be stopped, as for some people CBD has no effect, like any other natural remedy or medication. 


What is the "entourage effect"?

This is where most of the cannabis plant components (apart from THC) are kept with the CBD, with the thought that this makes the CBD more bio-available, with a resultant more powerful effect.  There is no clinical evidence for this effect whatsoever.


How do I know what strength of CBD I am buying/using?

Purchase your CBD from a reputable company and look at the label for the amount of CBD in milligrams (mg) per 1 millilitre(mL).  A good standard concentration for example is 1000mg/10mL, also expressed as 10% concentration.