The Centre for Medicinal Cannabis

An important and reliable UK website for information on cannabis and its medicinal uses, technical papers and social/political issues including patient access to cannnabis based medicines.



This is a very good UK based information platform for all things related to CBD. 


Project CBD

Excellent US based, information website for all things CBD.



Medical Cannabis Network

Another good information website, based on UK & European CBD and cannabis markets.   


 Medical Cannabis Network



British Hemp Alliance 

An excellent website, supporting farmers who grow hemp for it's many uses - from food, to rope/materials, biofules and medicinal uses, among a miriad of other uses.

 British Hemp Alliance



European Industrial Hemp Association

An important pan-european organisation who supports farmers through to end product retailers in all sectors of the hemp industry, including CBD.



Food Standards Agency (UK only) 

This is the UK governmental organisation that has legal oversight of all foods that are marketed in the UK as well as Food Supplements. They do an important service to us all for "policing" the foodstuffs that we eat.  Their powers of curtailment of product sales is enforced by the local Trading Standards, again a governmental organisation. In the context of CBD and cannabinoid products, they are involved as they are classified as Food Supplements, albeit a sub-category called Novel Foods.  On FSA website, put CBD into Search and you will get most of the current documents on the legal position and (governmental) advice on CBD.

 Food Standards Agency Logo Vector

European Food Safety Authority 

Up to 31st December last year all UK foodstuffs and Food Supplements came under European Food Law. This has now changed with the UK FSA (see above) taking back full controll. However any product that is marketed in Europe will still have to pass EFSA standards. This has not changed. CBD is considered a Novel Food by EFSA and while it is allowed to be sold it does not have any (official) health claims attached. 

EFSA publishes guide on novel food applications in EU