Our Sativam® premium CBD is available in strengths from 500mg to 3000mg / 10mL. 

Why not join the growing number of people taking our products and finding the benefits for yourself.


Our Sativam® premium CBD is sourced from Colorado, the largest hemp producing State in the USA. Each plant, traceable from seed to flower, is delivered to the production facility by local farmers who have many years of experience in the hemp industry, producing organic, pesticide free hemp, of the highest quality. The extraction process used to obtain our broad-spectrum CBD, is non-toxic and solvent free, using natural CO2 (carbon dioxide) extraction methods.


Our popular Sativam® transdermal patches work well when CBD is required over a longer period of time, such as throughout the night, as the CBD passes directly into the body through the skin at a naturally slow rate. If you want simplicity when taking CBD and do not require high doses, these are for you.


The clinical facts are that if you are taking CBD by mouth, whether by drops or spray, the bioavailability is very poor, with about 95% of CBD being "de-activated" or metabolised by the liver, before what remains enters the blood stream. This means that only 5% of CBD is available by mouth (bioavailability can be increased by up to 20% if CBD is taken with a meal high in fat). The route then of CBD directly into the body via skin is therefore an easier one, which is why CBD transdermal skin patches are effective, popular, as well as being discrete.  







Vaping CBD, is one of the most effective ways of receiving your CBD dose.  You will find our Sativam® E-liquids produce a very smooth vape. 





Our algae omega-3 soft-gel capsules are an easy way of maintaining your daily intake of omega-3 essential fatty acids, which are important for brain, heart/cardiovascular system and eye function, as well as being vital for the production of endo-cannabinoids, naturally occuring CBD, present in your own body.


Omega-3 is vital for our health as the brain and central nervous system is made up of about 1/3 DHA, one of the active components of omega-3. We loose about 5mg of DHA from our brains per day and so needs replacing with a diet high in omega-3, that is, oily fish or with supplements. 


The source of all omega-3 is from plankton and algae which is where we source ours from. This means that our algae omega-3 is environmentally sustainable and toxin free, making fish and krill derived omega-3 almost redundent (fish get their omega-3 by eating smaller fish who in turn eat the algae and plankton).




This Omega-3 Index test is used to measure the amount of omega-3 EPA & DHA in your blood, which is important to know, as the brain and central nervous system is made up of about 1/3 omega-3 DHA. It is known that we lose about 5mg of omega-3 DHA per day, which needs to be replaced in the diet with oily fish or by supplements. 


We are also using this test as an indirect index for levels of endo-cannabinoids present in the body as omega-3 is required to make this naturally occuring CBD.   


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The CBD molecule (cannabidiol) above, possesses many healing properties, including being anti-anxiety,
anti-inflammatory and protective of the nervous system.


What Customers Say

Surgery on my upper back a few years ago has left me in pain a lot of the time. Linnaeus Health CBD oil and patches help me a lot, especially at night. Good product that I would recommend
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Paul Howell
I have severe pain in my lower back and ribs. I have a lot of stress as well. Finding Linnaeus Health CBD has been a revelation. I am totally taken with their gummies and their CBD patches. I am lost without them now!
Profile image
Linda Crawford
I have been impressed with the CBD patches supplied by Linnaeus health. I have a slipped disc in my low back and when I am in agony these patches really take the edge of the pain so that it becomes far more manageable. Well done Linnaeus Health
Profile image
Michael Phillipps
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LINNAEUS HEALTHCARE, is named after Carl Linnaeus, the 18th Century Swedish botanist, zoologist and physician, known as the "father" of modern taxonomy.
(see picture. 23 May 1707 - 10 Jan 1778 )

He was the first person to classify Cannabis as a genus, in his Species Plantarum in 1753, with a single species being called Sativa. Hence the name Cannabis Sativa, which is one of the oldest known cultivated plants - being six times as strong as cotton, with a long history of medical use, being 30 times more powerful than aspirin  as a painkiller and anti-inflammatory.

It’s common name in England was, unsurprisingly, common hemp according to historical records dating from 1548, but now referred to as industrial hemp. Its medicinal and commercial use across the world, however, dates back many thousands of years